Connective Tissue

Answer the multiple choice question below each photo.  The answers are at the end.


1. Identify the type of tissue

A) Adipose tissue

B) Dense irregular connective tissue

C) Epithelia

D) Skeletal muscle

E) Dense regular connective tissue


2. What does this cell produce?

A) Fat

B) Histamine

C) Antibodies

D) Collagen fibers


3. Identify this cell

A) Lymphocyte

B) Mast cell

C) Macrophage

D) Plasma Cell


4. Identify the connective tissue cell noted by the arrow.

A) Macrophage

B) Lymphocyte

C) Fibroblast

D) Plasma Cell

E) Eosinophil


5. This is a special stain for what connective tissue product?

A) Histamine

B) Fat

C) Antibodies

D) Collagen fibers

E) Elastic fibers

6. Identify the tissue surrounding the arrow.

A) Dense irregular connective tissue

B) Adipose tissue

C) Loose connective tissue

D) Epithelia


7. Identify the principle connective tissue product in the dark purple regions (wiggly lines)

A) Collagen

B) Elastin

C) Histamine

D) Fat


8. Identify the type of connective tissue surrounding the arrow.

A) Dense regular connective tissue

B) Loose connective tissue

C) Adipose tissue

D) Dense irregular connective tissue

E) Adipose tissue



9. Identify this connective tissue cell.

A) Lymphocyte

B) Plasma Cell

C) Macrophage

D) Mast Cell

E) Fibroblast


 10. What is being produced by the ER in this Plasma cell?

A) Histamine

B) Fat

C) Collagen

D) Antibodies

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 Answers: 1A, 2D, 3B, 4D, 5B, 6C, 7B, 8D, 9D, 10D

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